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AAPSP Craft Brewery Tour

 Thanks to Sandi Douglas for this great recap of our day.  Stay tuned for some great photos - there are too many good ones to choose from!

On a cloudy Saturday May 7 morning, we loaded the bus at the Education Centre to head out on the Craft Brewery Tour.  With a quick stop in Woodstock, we were on our way to the Village of St. Jacob’s.  Our first stop was at the Farmers Market where there were plenty of vendors selling farm-fresh foods, artisan crafts as well as imported goods.  It was a short stay but we were able to purchase some warm apple fritters!  Off to Block 3 Brewing Company.  After a quick overview of the brewery and some sampling of through the quad, the legend, side street saison and my personal favourite, party all the time. A healthy lunch was provided by Clarke Rd SS.  A little food and a couple games of crokinole and we were off!  Participants were able to tour the Village of St. Jacobs which is set in a charming location along the Conestoga River. We had a little time to shop and glance at original arts, crafts and stores selling home decor, clothing, jewellery, accessories, toys as well as gourmet foods.  Our next stop was the Innocente Brewing Company.  Here we sampled pils-sinner, conscience, fling, and  bystander.  Some of us even bought a grrrrrrowler (2 litre) keepsake bottle.  Getting our groove on, we loaded the bus to Stone Hammer Brewing.  Here we sampled some award winning brands like, premium lager pilsner, premium ale dark, premium lager light and oatmeal coffee stout.  It was fun (not sure if allowed) dressing up as Stone Hammers!! The day ended with a final stop at Dixon’s Distilled Spirits, Guelph’s First Craft Distillery where they produce grain-to-bottle vodka, gin, moonshine and whiskey.  The Distillers, Kevin Patterson and Vicki Dixon well, Kevin talked about the start of the distillery and what makes a fine moonshine.  We did some more sampling and purchasing before loading the bus to head home.  It was a fun filled day catching up with a few retirees and sharing laughs with co-workers.



East Park Family Picnic 

This event is a family favorite.  We had perfect weather this year!  We started the day off with some old-fashioned games for the kids and a delicious BBQ lunch.  The water slides, driving range, splash pad and more were enjoyed by all.  There was even some friendly competition going on at the go-karts!

Here's some of the fun we had that day.. 










Collage of various pictures of association at Knights game.

Posted: Nov. 26, 2014
Knights Game - October 2014

 The A.A.P.S.P. events are certainly getting more popular. We sold out of Knights tickets within 4 days. The social committee really appreciates your support.  It makes it a pleasure for us to plan and organize the various outings for the group! Yours truly spent more time with his granddaughter than watching the game – but hey – it was a blast to be out with everyone.There was plenty of food (including pizza this time).  As well, we even had a visit from the Knights mascot!  Comments from some of your peers that attended:
·         Great night with friends and co-workers…
·         Entertaining and exciting...
·         Catching up with co-workers that I don’t see often…
·         We had fun…
·         Made my three boys happy….
·         Great fun…
·         Go Knights Go!

And there you have it.  Wait – yes the Knights did win again – 5 to 1.

We may have the opportunity to get box seats again. However, we won’t subsidize from AAPSP funds (we need them for other events).  If we proceed with this, you’ll be notified by email with further details.

Cheers Steve S.
Webmaster and Roving Reporter!

PS: Photographs provided by Kelly N.

Jason 'selfie' - adventure view behind him.

Posted: 2014/11/18

Boler Mountain - Team Building!!!

Oh wow......probably our best event ever!  If it is offered again in the spring - please consider signing up!

Trust me when I say - most of us attending this event was - well quite frankly - terrified! And this includes me. I can honestly say I was almost sick thinking about the prospect of just the zip lining portion never mind what else was involved. I, as well as any of your peers that went will now attest that it really was an awesome experience.

Tree top 'adventure' view

Each tree to tree challenge is actually called an adventure. And each adventure is really in the tree tops.  The first few challenges you'll be more focused on the height (LOL) but once you focus on the adventure, it is actually a blast.   The truly amazing part - watching your peers help each other thru the adventures. 

The buzz at the end of the day at the BBQ was really incredible.  The stories, jokes all laced with "I did it"....  Good job everyone.....

Ohhh and by the way.....slamming into the blue pad on the tree at the end of each zip line - really doesn't hurt! Ha, ha, ha, ha

Your reporter (with aching arms)
Steve S.

Posted: Aug. 5, 2014

Blue Jays Bus Trip

Oh yeah.  If you weren't on this outing, you missed out!  We left on Friday afternoon with a full bus, to head to Toronto's Rogers Centre for an evening ball game.   During the trip down, Becky K. kindly regaled us with 'Take Me Out to the Ball Game'.  Well done, Becky!!!  Folks struggled with Abbott and Costello's 'Who's on First' routine. But we did finallly manage to hand out a prize for that challenge as well. Snacks were provided by Janet W. from Central Secondary School. Scrumptious (and yes, I may have had a hand in convincing her to make brownies!)

Everyone broke up into groups to eat at various locations in the vicinity of the Rogers Centre. Our group scooted to the Spaghetti Factory for our meal.  Imagine trying to guide 13 people through construction and down town rush hour.  I do believe a statue will be put up in my name.  Bonnie - I didn't lose anyone!!!

The game was great. Oh OK - they lost but how were we to know when picking which game to see. But then I still believe that Becky kept distracting them by screaming when attempting to do a wave.  Hey, wait a minute - that is soooo eighties!

We must certainly all thank Doug B. for the popcorn. Very nice of him to pass it around to the crowd for sharing - ha, ha, ha, ha.....

A 50/50 draw on the way home, netted over $100 dollars for one of our participants.  I believe we were back in London by midnight.

Psssst - I'm not supposed to say anything but I do believe we have a box booked again for a Knights game this coming October.  It sold out very quickly last time. When you see it advertised - don't delay - join us for a great get together.

Stay tuned and get involved.....

Webmaster / Reporter / Awesome tour guide

Posted: 2013/11/19

2013 Knights Hockey Game

As indictated on the home page, these tickets sold out incredibly fast. Thanks to Kelly N. for organizing the awesome evening with the JLC. Your reporter had never been in a box seat before and was duly impressed!  We had plenty of snacks for the evening, it was a good game and plenty of time to chat with everyone.

Yours truly also had his 15 minutes of fame when he won the Designated Driver award of the evening and had his name announced over the PA system at the JLC.  I'm still basking in the fame. Can I autograph anything for you?

As I review the website, I realize I keep asking if anyone took pictures.  Hmmm....I think I'll make a point of becoming the photographer as well.  Watch out Cathy C.!!!

Stay tuned and involved everyone.....

Steve S.

Posted: 2013/06/10

2013 Annual Picnic

The annual picnic was held for the 4th year in a row at East Park Gardens. Yours truly must confess this is the first time he's been here and was quite pleasantly surprised. What a great venue for kids - well - and adults too!  And what a beautiful day to be outside!

A quick count indicated that we had over 70 members and families join us for
a hamburger and hotdog bbq (and yes - Mark A. can light charcoal given enough lighter fluid).  Lots of salads, fruit and drinks for all.  I don't think anyone went away hungry.

The afternoon was for playing in the park. The popular events it seems were the water slides and the go carts. We (adults accompanied with no childen) decided to do the miniput.  I would have won but the other members in my group had better scores.  Ahhh well, everyone won at the 19th hole.

Don't miss out - we'll see you at the 5th annual picnic - next year! Don't forget, we're always looking for volunteers to help organize this outing.


Posted: 2013/06/10

2013 A.G.M.

Unfortunately, I couldn't make the A.G.M. this year due to a scheduling conflict. So I've asked Nancy M. to provide a quick update for you on this event.

(And wow - thanks Nancy! You did it in Microsoft Word 2010 )

This year, at the AAPSP Annual General Meeting, we enjoyed a talented guest.  Scotty Gunther is a funny humorist – speaker – radio host - trainer and author of many “easy read” books.  After an interesting day; it was great to relax with a complimentary drink, network with other AAPSP members and relax to enjoy the “Co-Workers Challenge”. Scotty helped us to find out some interesting facts about some of our co-workers that we did not know - all in fun of course!

We had our meeting at the HMCS Prevost. This is a great location with lots of free parking, comfortable environment right by the Forks of the Thames with lots of windows and a great view.We enjoyed a wonderful catered supper that included your choice of two salads, hot veggies, REAL mashed potatoes, grilled chicken breast and a homemade cream mushroom sauce.  Many great desserts, as well as tea and coffee was also available.

Our current Committee Representatives provided members with updates for each Committee they have represented us on.  New Representatives were elected for this upcoming year. 

It was a great turn out and we look forward to having more members join us and help to keep AAPSP a strong Association within the Thames Valley District School Board.

Nancy M.

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