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Welcome to the Association of Administrative, Professional and Support Personnel (AAPSP) website. We are Thames Valley District School Board employees that are non-union, regularly employed either full-time or part-time, who are not members of any other employee group. Members occupy positions such as Administrative Assistants, Supervisors, Buyers, Coordinators, Information Systems Specialist, Office Managers and Instructional Assistants.

All AAPSP member employment terms are covered by a Memorandum of Agreement. The AAPSP negotiates this Agreement of behalf of the members.

Board of Representatives

The following chart provides a quick overview  of the structure of AAPSP and the names of your representatives!

AAPSP Organization Chart

Mission Statement

1. To promote the general interest and support of members.

2. To maintain and continue collaborative working relationships within the Board.

3. to represent members of the Association as the exclusive negotiating authority for all of the members of the Association.

4. To maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and competence for our members.

5. To provide a communication link between the membership and administration.

6. To foster high morale in our membership.

Newsletter 2014 March - pdf link

Take a look at our first edition of the AAPSP newsletter. It is our intention to issue a newsletter on a regular basis. If you have any contributions for any edition, contact K. Aitken by email.

AAPSP (and the Social Committee) is looking for your feedback!!

Hey everyone.  We meet on a regular basis to plan social events for you to take part in.  And if I must brag - the committee has been doing a fine job. However, we are going to be looking for feedback and suggestions for future events. We've been thinking a beer tour, a trip to a ball game, etc.  A survey will be going out soon for you to provide other ideas, suggestions as well as too provide feedback for AAPSP.

Don't hold back - we'll entertain any -good - idea!!!  Stay tuned.  I will post the results on the website for you.

Walking guy

Let's Get Together!!

This portion of the web page is a quick review / preview of events. Looking forward to seeing you at a future get together!!

Read on.....

Association Blue Jays Event Flyer

Woo hooo.... we're going to a ball game!  We expect this event to sell out quickly. Contact S. Slaney or K. Nuckowski for your reservation.  See flyer for more details.

Questions or comments from current staff? Get in touch with us at:

A. Wilson

Mailing Address:

1250 Dundas St.
London, ON
N5W 5P2

Phone: 519-452-2000 x20314